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Speedstream recognises that the ultimate success of any brand is customer advocacy. However it is also known that this is one of the most difficult objectives to achieve.

We work with our clients to create unique and highly effective customer advocacy programmes that will give you the best chance of having your customers telling their friends and associates to buy your brand!

By fundamentally understanding who your customers are, we design and create bespoke customer experiences and staff training courses which allow customers to interact with your brand in unique and memorable ways and motivate your staff to promote advocacy within your business.

These two elements are combined to create a powerful and lasting impression on customers and give your brand the best chance at actively accelerating advocacy throughout your client base as opposed to just hoping this may evolve over time.

Integrated into the existing sales and marketing strategies and processes, the programmes are tailored and refined to meet your customers individuality, becoming an integral part of how your business interacts with your customers based on measurable returns, and will come to define the difference between you and your competitors.